Disses are fine, as long as we have F A C T S

In class this week, we discussed the importance of credibility in writing. Credibility applies in so many different contexts and it makes content cleaner. If people just threw in lies and accusations left and right, things would be very sloppy. I know some of us may enjoy a good ole’ sloppy mess from time to time but not all the time.

In the world of hip hop, fighting words are just about always encouraged, but no direct threatening for, of course, “legal reasons.” Even though most artists do not nearly count for professional media as they’re mostly involved on social media and then maybe a blog. The beauty of dissing in rap comes from the truth. It’s shown through the savvy shade via smart word play being thrown between two parties. Even though this may not be taken to court, reputations could be damaged by either party by the truth being exposed or coming to light, bad word choice, or straight-up lying for a rhyme.  

I believe that like regular people, artists are going to say what they are going to say, as they have rights to. Even though they may not face legal backlash, shame, very public shame by fans or supporters on either side, is inevitable. Just because one is perfectly legal to do something, doesn’t make it ethically correct.

These artists work as their own image makers, as do their fans and teams of publicists. Battle rapping and diss tracks are what people look to. These sort of rules can apply to other realms of entertainment such as the ladies of The Real Housewives or common rumors spreading around a community. People love a good fight, especially if it is between two well known artists. (Yes, I’m looking at Micki Ninaj and Memy Ra). The bars can be cutthroat and crude but never faker than a Barbie doll with ketchup spread all over.


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