Rapper Bbymutha is Just Trying To Do Her Best in the Misogynist World of Rap

Meet Britnee Moore, often known by her stage-name, Bbymutha. Britnee Moore is a 26-year-old rapper, nail technician, and mother of four from Chattanooga, TN. She’s been rapping for six years, but became serious about it four years ago. She has always written poetry and her music is her way of putting her words to sound.

Things aren’t easy for her being a female rap artist. She still deals with the misogyny of male producers who don’t want to work with her because they feel ever-so-emasculated from branding their name on a woman’s track in the male-dominated industry of hip hop. “It’s definitely a little harder [than men] to get the right kind of recognition on a larger scale.” Britnee tells me. “Especially not being a conventionally attractive female artist.” Britnee “Bbymutha” Moore tries to ignore the disparities. She knows what’s up, and is trying to “finesse [the industry], one day at a time.”

Britnee is aware that the industry shady and tacky, but she tries to make the most of it and have her own fun with what she can. Her beef is with the male artists who are often caught doing the most immoral things yet the industry continues to reward them. She makes an example of Kodak Black, who was charged with rape just last year but also granted opportunities to headline concerts to help his career grow.

Britnee is proud of where her career has taken her and has big plans for the future. According to her, her biggest accomplishment was headlining the Gagnef music festival in Sweden last year. She always believed her music would take her places but as a girl from the hood, she never expected to see herself in a place where the sun shines all day and night. She most definitely would go back again but in the future, she hopes that her music leads her to build businesses to help her kids have some sort of financial stability by working for her. She also wants to provide work for black women, especially mothers. She wants to empower women by giving them a work space that allows them to take care of their kids while at work.

You can buy or listen to her latest album Glow Kit at https://bbymutha.bandcamp.com/album/glow-kit

Her twitter is @BBYMUTHA.

Booking/Inquiries at themuthatboard@gmail.com


One thought on “Rapper Bbymutha is Just Trying To Do Her Best in the Misogynist World of Rap

  1. This blog post was rather interesting in that it informed the reader about a rapper on the rise, specifically a female rapper in Chicago. I thought you did a great job introducing her and giving a little background on her aspirations and what she’s done to get to the specific point in her life. It was also great to shed light on some of her struggles in the industry which several female artists face today. Additionally, you were able to depict her personal goals and how she’d want to use her success to help those around her- which is great for struggling communities in Chicago.


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