Chance the Rapper is Considering Selling his Debut Album

Chance the Rapper is probably one of the fastest growing artists we’ve seen in our time, especially while he has made it to where he is today independently. This humble Chicago native who loves his craft has an issue that his fans may find him hypocritical for. He is considering selling his debut album. Frankly, Chance’s ultimate goal isn’t to make a monetary profit to selling his debut, however he would like to make a popularity gain. He wants to compete with other artists on the charts, which is something he can’t do because of streaming.

I believe that Chance should do what’s best for his career which is selling his debut album. He has been able to do a lot up to this point independently, so much to a point where it almost doesn’t matter that he does sell it. As one of his thousands of fans would believe, Chance is no sellout. He has time and time again proven himself to be a very humble individual so even if he does gain more money from this, he would donate more to fund for organizations and causes he cares about, such as donation $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Even if he does spoil himself, so? It shouldn’t matter. He deserves to spoil himself because he came a long way.  I’m sure if most of us were in Chance’s position, we would be much more gluttonous.


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